Global History of Agriculture: Doktorandkurs i agrarhistoria 24 februari – 2 juni, 2015, 7.5 credits

Global History of Agriculture A synthesis on thousand years of global agricultural history in Asia, Europe and Africa Professor Janken Myrdal will give a series of lectures that concludes his long-term studies in global history. The course combines workshops for PhD students and open lectures. The lectures cover, in order: India and other parts of South Asia, Southeast Asia, China and Japan, West- and Central Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia and Siberia, and Europe. One session deals with waves of global food trade, from the 19th century onwards, and one with global agriculture of today.


  1. Provide unique new insights on global history in perspective of agriculture and rural societies.
  2. Identify and analyse major differences and similarities in agriculture with regard to various regions and different time pe- riods, covering the last thousand years and the present.
  3. Discuss and exemplify ‘path dependen- cy’ and ‘the role of crises’ in agrarian contexts

As individual task the course participants will chose a certain region to specialize on.

LECTURES Lectures by Professor Janken Myrdal, Agrarian and Rural History, SLU; Professor Mats Widgren, Human Geography, Stock- holm University; Professor Ulf Jonsson, Economic History, Stockholm University and Associate Professor Carin Martiin, Agrarian and Rural History, SLU. » course information (http://www NULL.slu NULL.1415) Please contact Carin Martiin, 018-67 17 11,